#CrazyLazyCroc: Your blockchain coach in 140 characters...

Frequently Asked Questions

> To educate and familiarize new web3 users in blockchain terminology, within 140 characters or less.

> Ask any newbie about web3, blockchain, nft's and crypto. Answers range from - "isn't that illegal!?", "i have heard of that stuff, but it blows over my head!", "it's a little too technical for my comprehension...", to - "thanks, but i am good with the existing internet world."

The noticeable pattern here is the "lack of education in the web3 space" for the end users. While there is a boat load of technical education available for would be web3 developers, the paucity of easy to comprehend information for non-technical users is very visible!

It's this very problem or gap in the market we have set upon to address.

Web3 now is like the Internet era of the year 2000. Everyone had heard about it, but didn't know what it's full potential would be until now.

> Our mission is to - "Onboard the next Billion users to the blockchain multiverse."
That's Billion with a big 'B'. It's our way of making a dent in the multiverse. Hope that's crazy enough!

> Absolutely! Infact, localization is key to reaching our goal of onboarding the next Billion Web3 users. Patrons of our project who are native speakers of popular global languages, can reach out for volunteering in the localization efforts.

> You bet! Please reach out to our support team, detailing your exposure in Brand Building/Community Management.
Social media savvy users are encouraged to apply.

> #CrazyLazyCroc has ownership over the following 3 domain names:

Web2 Domains:

Note: As of 23 Nov 2023, these domains will redirect to "beta.crazylazycroc.com", as the project is in the Beta Phase.

Web3 Domains:

Note: This domain only works with Web3 compatible browsers, as well as browsers with Web3 extensions.

> Please reach out to our support team via our social media channels or ping us at: [email protected]

> #CrazyLazyCroc is in the Public Beta Phase as on 23 Nov 2023.

> Short answer - NO.

Long answer - we are fully bootstrapped and plan to continue that route till we achieve Product Market Fit as well as Significant User Adoption.

There are always exceptions to the above statement - If an Accredited Venture Capital firm or Tech Incubator with a Significant Track Record comes along, we are open to exploring partnership opportunities.

> Yes! We are actively scouting for talent to propel #CrazyLazyCroc to the next Strata.
If you fit the bill, drop us a line @ you know where...